Bagels n’ Cream

Bagels n’ Cream was founded and established in 1993 by its current owner Mr. NADIR DURAL. Nadir, having been working in the food industry since 1983, continues to serve his customers with over 33 years of experience, resulting in quality baking, which makes Bagels n’Cream an exceptional choice of tastes in many varieties.

Although countless requests for the recipes have not been turned down, the end result has never matched the same taste, size, bake, color and texture as Bagels n’Cream bagels, baked by Nadir Dural himself. The simple reason for that is his lifetime experience, but most of all, his heart, soul and passion put forth in the preparation of every single bagel, right up to the very point of serving it to his customers.

For this reason the Bagels n’ Cream bagels are referred to as “the secret within” and we are so proud to have come such long way with dedication to our customers over 17 years in same location, day and night!