Our Story

Bagels n’ Cream is a bagel and coffee shop in Robbinsville and was founded and established in 1993 by its current owner Mr. NADIR DURAL. Nadir, having been working in the food industry since 1983, continues to serve his customers with over 33 years of experience. Such experience results in quality baking, and makes Bagels n’ Cream an exceptional choice for bagels and coffee in Robbinsville. Although countless numbers of requests for the recipes have not been turned down, the end result has been never to be the same taste, size, bake, color or texture as the Bagels n’ Cream baked by Nadir Dural himself!

The simple reason for that is his lifetime experience but most of all his heart and soul put forth in the preparation of every single minute of the way up to the very point of serving it to its customers. For this reason, Bagels n’ Cream bagels are referred to as “the secret within” and so proud to have come such long way with dedication to its customers, with over 17 years in same location, day and night! For the best Robbinsville bagel & coffee shop with a breakfast & lunch menu, come on in to Bagels n’  Cream!


Bagels n’ Cream is as delicious as can be, to be experienced at its own location. However, the establishment realizes the same valued experience at either delivery locations as well as during catering occasions. For this reason the same sensitive approach is given during deliveries of requested orders, as well as during any sized catering event, to assure that the same, on the spot experience has been brought to your table! We are never in a rush to prepare for any catering event! To the contrary, a careful team has been assigned to prepare each and every catering order customized to the request of the customer as per event and occasion. Therefore, a worry free, tasteful experience is as close as a call to us, where we will be so happy to cater to your specific needs.


Come on in today, grab a cup of coffee and a bagel and enjoy free wifi.

Our Mountain High Coffee is brewed fresh consistently throughout the day so you always get a fresh cup.

For your convenience we have an ATM available for our customers.

We use fresh Thumann’s meat for all of our sandwiches.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Our Bagels


Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Onion Bagel

Salt Bagel

Blueberry Bagel

Egg Bagel

Plain Bagel

Sesame Seed Bagel

Blueberry Crunch Bagel

Everything Bagel

Poppyseed Bagel

Whole Wheat Bagel

Cinnamon Apple Crunch Bagel

Garlic Bagel

Pumpernickel Rye Bagel

Whole Wheat Everything Bagel